All that glitters…..

20 Jun

One of my favourite things ever is to go shopping for new make up to add to my ever increasing kit.  I remember when I first started doing make up and hair professionally I had just one make up case and a small bag for over my shoulder.  Every job I did I realised I needed “just one more thing…..” to make it perfect.  It wasn’t long before I was shopping for a bigger bag – this time a small wheel along suitcase to accompany my hard make up case.  I filled this bag with every hair curler under the sun, waxes, smoothing serum, hair gloss, spray….you name it, I had it…and that was just my hair stuff.  Slowly but surely my make up crept into my suitcase as well.  Eyeshadow palettes that were to big for my case, a big bag of lipsticks, my brushes (again,  ever growing!).  I went from one set of brushes to two very quickly!  Soon my small suitcase was, again, way too small, so I moved to the suitcase I have to day.  One MASSIVE red suitcase that fits everything (almost) inside.  It is just SO heavy.  I pretend not to struggle with it on every job, trying to arrive cool and calm, whilst pulling this massive great suitcase and carrying my hard make up case!  I hope I haven’t left dents in too many walls and doors! 

Anyway, you can never have enough make up so today I made the journey to the MAC store to stock up on some pigments for a shoot I am doing in a couple of weeks.  You see, I’m entering a make up competition and I have this idea…… but of course, not EXACTLY the right colours. 

I sometimes find the MAC store a little intimidating.  I’m not sure if I am the only one but it really depends on the MAC artist you get as to how insignificant you feel! 🙂  

This trip I was lucky and got a really nice girl to help me.  I wanted pigments and glitter.


I found exactly the colours I wanted but…..out of stock and they weren’t sure when they were going to get them back in.  I could travel to another store but I wanted to purchase NOW!!!

So I went to Napoleon.  I’ve purchased a few pigments from them and I’ve always been really happy with them!  They had exactly what I wanted.


So I purchased 4 beautiful new pigments and, to my excitement, they had a gift with purchase!  Now I’m not really one to buy products just to get a few free ones but, hey, I was buying anyway!

Here’s what I got.Image

I love the red lip.  Comes with a cream and a powder so you can either leave it creamy or blot the powder over the top for an extra matt finish and increased staying powder.  I’ll try out my freebies and blog about those later!

So, now to do some face charts to get ready for my competition shot.  Tomorrow I’m having a pre-production meeting with the photographer to discuss my inspiration!

Chat then,

Michelle x


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