3 coffee’s, 2 meeting’s and an exciting delivery!

22 Jun

I’m feeling so excited and so inspired after two great meetings with two incredible artists……

but first, I’ll tell you about yesterday.  I was just way too tired to blog about my day last night so I’ll do it now.  On Wednesday night I got not one, but two, last minute calls for jobs on Thursday.  Lucky for me, all the planets aligned and I was able to do both.  I just LOVE it when that happens.

My first job was at the Bangarra Dance Group at Walsh Bay.  Take a look at this amazing space.Image

Big old windows with an incredible view.


I was really excited to work with Photographer Julian Wolkenstein who’s work I’ve always admired.

Here is where I set up my office.


I had to work pretty quick as we only had limited time with our artist, so my kit was a bit messy.

This shoot only went for a couple of hours and then I was off to the next one – a boxing ring in Kirrawee!


Again, this was a really fast shoot.  It was just one model for a magazine editorial.  Those pics don’t have a  ‘g’ rating so I won’t show those 😉

So, after I got home, unpacked, cleaned and tidied my kit, washed my brushes, picked up my daughter from Netball and cooked dinner, I was just way too tired to blog!

Today, however, has been an awesome, energy lifting day for a Make Up Artist!  I started out with a pre-production meeting with the gorgeous and incredibly talented Becca Gilmartin.  We are working on a job together and I am going to assist her.  I’m prepared to learn A LOT!  This make up artist is one seriously smart woman and I just sat there in awe of her.  I can not WAIT to work with her next week.  Becca has an office in a really cool old building in Chippendale surrounded by lots of other talented, creative people!  I want to move in just to soak up all that creative genius!  After a soy flat white and a sit on her cool couch I was ready to just hang out there for day!

After that meeting it was straight on to the next.  I was finally meeting with the photographer who is going to shoot my beauty shots for the upcoming Make Up Artist awards.  The meeting was originally planned for yesterday but given the last minute call up for work, it was moved to today.  I have worked with Josh on a number of jobs now and he is a fantastic photographer.  I love having his shots in my portfolio.  Another coffee for me (my third in a morning!!!!!! – oh just realised why I didn’t stop talking!!!) and we went through our ideas for the look of the shoot.  Fortunately we were both on exactly the same page!  I am so excited for this shoot – win or lose – it is such a great experience to work towards something like this and have it be totally my own vision.  It’s what we make up artists live for!!!!

So, arriving home on an incredible high and a slight buzz from all the coffee I discovered that the lashes that I ordered from O/S had finally arrived!  Oh happy days!!!   I’ll be trying them out next week for sure!!

Next Monday I am booked on a location shoot in a park – better take my winter woollies! It’s FREEZING!!

I’ll blog about that and post some photo’s!

Chat then,

Michelle x


4 Responses to “3 coffee’s, 2 meeting’s and an exciting delivery!”

  1. Sarah Greenaway June 22, 2012 at 5:42 am #

    Love your blog! Fingers crossed Monday’s not too chilly 😉

  2. Immik June 22, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    Love your blog honey x

  3. jodie June 22, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    Love the Blog – your enthusiasm is inspiring xxx

    • michelledube June 23, 2012 at 12:55 am #

      Thanks Jodie! So many exciting things happening at the moment! x

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