Nothing but blue skies….

27 Jun

hmmmm……My plan of blogging everyday isn’t really working out!  Life and make up just gets in the way!  But that’s ok because now I get to tell you about my Monday.

Monday was a gorgeous, blue sky, wintery day and I got to work with some of my favourite people in a beautiful park in Camperdown.Image

I set up my office from the back of my car.  It’s amazing how versatile my little family wagon can be!


I left the radio on so we could have some tunes on while we worked.

My models for the day were the always beautiful Dom and Andreas.


Look at the colour of that sky!

And look how beautiful Dom is.


After we finished shooting for the day, and I’d packed all my make up away, kisses goodbye and ready to go……..flat battery.  I’d left my radio on too long while we worked at now my car wouldn’t start!  Fortunately, Andreas had jumper leads so he came to my rescue.  I was saved by a gorgeous, handsome, swedish model…..yep, I love my job. xx

Chat tomorrow.



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