Expect the unexpected….

29 Jun

The day started just like any other……..:)

My call time today was 8.15am at the University of Sydney to shoot a very smart woman, Larissa Behrendt, for an amazing project she is participating in for Telstra.  Larissa is a writer, Professor, award winner and CEO for many Indigenous groups and charities.  She has been chosen to have a sculpture made of her to be on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Last week I did the make up for the portrait shot that would be used as reference for the sculpture.  Today we were shooting a behind the scenes video of her and finally, the reveal of the amazing finished product. Image


The first location was in her office at UTS.  I set up my office for today in her boardroom.  Take a look at that view!  I think it looks a tiny bit like New York, don’t you?

Larissa’s signature look is red lips and lots of lashes.  Today I used a Nutrimetics lipstick in Indian Red.  I adore this clean, bright red and it was perfect against her olive skin.  I also used a Mikatvonk lip gloss in red over the top for a high shine.  On her eyes I used a strip lash and individual lashes to create the dark, full lashes she loves and finished with a line of black gel liner.

After we shot her going about her business in her office we moved the the MCA for the big reveal!  I had no idea what to expect!  Whoa. 

It was a gorgeous day down on the Quay. Warm, sunny and bright blue skies with white fluffy clouds.  I just love the sun this time of year.


Larissa hadn’t seen the sculpture yet.  When we arrived it was still being set up.


Here is a sculpture that reaches to the roof of the MCA made out of……….books.  Yep, hundreds and thousands of books.  Different coloured spines make up the different colours on the sculpture.  Can you tell I GHD’d her hair????? 🙂

It was incredible to see and be up close to it.

After we wrapped it was time for me to get my hair coloured, have a relax, coffee and a flick through some magazines.  I was ten minutes from my Hairdresser when the phone rang…….it was Darren Percival.  He had arrived at a Awards event to sing and there had been no make up and hair organised.  Could I be at Fox Studio’s in 20 minutes???  Of course!!! No problem!!!  (aaaaargh!)  Luckily my kit was already in my car from the morning’s shoot so I did a quick u-turn and high-tailed it to Fox Studio’s.  I packed a touch up kit while stopped at traffic lights.  I seriously arrived with about 10 minutes to spare! A quick make up, powder and hair ruffle and we were done.  He was literally walking to the stage as I’m still spraying his hair!!! phew.  Done.  Made it!


So now I’m home to wash brushes, re-pack my kit and make some blood for my shoot in the morning! 

I’ll take some pics of how it turns out.

Chat then





One Response to “Expect the unexpected….”

  1. Sarahjane June 29, 2012 at 9:39 am #

    Awesome day Michelle – loving following your amazing days!! Talent with the writing, not just the makeup!!

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