A shoot in the country

4 Aug

Have you ever met someone who is so inspiring, natural, pretty and smart that you just wished they were your best friend?  Well, that’s how I felt when I met and worked with Jo Finch on a shoot for All Bran in Kiama.

When I was first given the brief to work with Joanna I googled her so I could prepare.  What first struck me was how naturally pretty she was.  And she was just as gorgeous in “real life”.  I emailed the producer back and said “easy”!

Joanna first appeared on TV on Farmer Wants A Wife back in 2008.  On the show, she found love with her now gorgeous husband Rob and has an equally gorgeous baby girl, Darcy.  (Darcy looks incredibly like her Dad!).  Jo and Rob have a farm in South Australia.

I arrived in Kiama at 8.00am at this beautiful house.

Here is where I set up my “Office for the Day”.

Because the commercial was set at breakfast time, I simply enhanced Jo’s natural beauty.  A bit of gloss, some glowy cheeks and  a simple nude eye.  I was also in charge of wardrobe on this shoot, so it was a very busy morning!

I discovered during the day that, not only was Joanna an incredible TV Presenter but she was also an author, having writtten a story of her life called “Out of the Blue”.  You can buy it here:  www.jofincham.com

It’s the story of Jo’s life, from battling an eating disorder and depression through to finding love and happiness on the farm with her husband Rob and her daughter.  I purchased the book as soon as I got home and I can’t wait to read it.

I’m always so inspired by women who take a chance, take a risk and follow a different path.  Regardless of the outcome, going on the show was extremely brave and opening up her life in a book to help others is an extremely courageous and selfless thing to do.

Our second location was here

as the sun was setting over Kiama, I packed up my ‘on set bag’ to shoot the final scenes.

As I said by to Jo and Rob, I counted myself so lucky that my “job” or “the thing I love do do” allows me to meet and talk to people I would never normally get to meet.

Chat soon,

Michelle x


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