Those August Winds!

22 Aug

Those August winds!

My mum always talks about the “august winds”. I think her grandma used to talk about them too! I’ve never really given it much thought until today.

The shoot began just like any other…..:) Arrived on set, unpacked car, set up table, chair, clothes rack, steamer….all good.

I was also doing wardrobe on this job, which is something I love to do. I had done a prep day sourcing the wardrobe and now it was time to choose the outfit and steam it.

It was about this time that those “August winds” showed themselves!

My clothes rack blew over, the outfits blew all over the place. My lovely models hair went everywhere. It was just crazy! Then it got cold.

Leaves, dirt and some little tiny flowery things blew into every corner of my make up kit.

The decision was made to use my car as the hero car and because it was so dirty, it got a professional clean inside and out! What a perk! How good does she look???

Then….just when things couldn’t get any more difficult, one of the little boys who was an actor in the TVC got himself locked in the bathroom. His poor mum, crying baby on one side, and crying little boy on the other! The Director had to climb a ladder and go in through the window!

The wind played havoc with the sound guy, as it was hard to get a take without the wind drowning out the audio.

Then it rained! The water left marks all over the cardigan the model was wearing so we had to pack up and move to the second location. But, just as our cars were packed, the sun came out so there was a bit of time to get a few more takes in.

Here is the actor, Katherine. She needed to look like an every day mum on her way out to a play date. So, the look called for fresh, simple make up and hair.


The second location was freezing!!!  We wrapped ourselves in blankets to stay warm!


It was a great day with a great team but it was SO good to get home have a shower and sit in front of the fire with a glass of red.

Chat soon,


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