Testing 1,2,3

27 Aug

As a make up artist, as in any profession, it is so important to test.  Testing allows you to try new techniques, idea’s, finally use that inspiration you’ve been looking at for ages.  Testing means you collaborate with other creative people, all working for free, in exchange for some awesome shots for your portfolio.

My latest test was at Rookwood Cemetry with Arneka Grosvenor for Undiscovered Creative.  This was her vision.

Here is my model, Agnes.  She has recently signed to an agency.  Hard to believe she is just 15.

It was another windy day at Rookwood cemetry.  Agnes and I waited in the car while the stylist organised the outfits.

Rookwood Cemetry is known for being the largest and historically multicultural site in Australia. It has been a cemetry since the 1840’s and is the final resting place for many convicts and pioneers.

The clothes were so beautiful and fit in perfectly with the surroundings.

For this look I wanted to create a little bit of drama, but still keep it soft and pretty.  Agnes is so beautiful I really wanted to keep her youth and innocence but still be inspired by her surroundings.  I wanted a little bit of sadness in her eyes.

I used Christian Dior in Black on her eyes and used Napoleon “Copper Element” Loose Eye Dust pigment on the inner corners of her eyes and in the middle of her lid.  I lined her eyes with a thin line of Bobbi Brown Black gel liner and Urban Decay Black eye pencil on the inner rim.  I used two sets of false lashes on her upper eyes.  I used a powder blush from Bobbi Brown called “Clay” to give her a pink glow on her cheeks and her lips were stained with Maybelline “Party Pink” #155.  I didn’t use a lip liner because I just wanted a hint of colour.

Another great test shoot. Can’t wait to see the shots!

Chat soon,

Michelle x


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